September 2010
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Annotations fixed
Recently, Draftboard underwent a brief period where annotations would not save on drafts if there were carriage returns in the description. We are pleased to report that this and other minor bugs have been repaired and that the system is once again fully-functional. If you notice something that’s not working or would like to suggest a feature for us to add in a later revision, please...
Sep 30th
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You talked, & We've Been Listening
The acclaim regarding Draftboard’s recent launch has come as a pleasant surprise to all of us on the team, and we wanted first to thank you very much for your continued support. We have a few exciting announcements to make regarding new features, bug fixes, pricing, and more. First and foremost, we got a few requests for markdown syntax to be enabled in posts and comments. For those who...
Sep 22nd
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August 2010
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3-2-1 Launch!
This project has been brewing for quite a while and we’re delighted to announce today that Draftboard is up and running. You can check out our website here. A little bit about the app: Draftboard is a web app that helps designers collaborate and receive feedback on their mock ups. Our goal for this app is basically providing designers a easier way in receiving their feedback and...
Aug 30th
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Quick tour of Draftboard
So for the past few months we’ve been hacking away at our up and coming web app: Draftboard. It helps web designers collaborate and receive feedback from their peers and clients. Personally, we’ve had experiences where mock ups would be sent back and forth via email and Draftboard helps centralize this process by tracking feedback in one place. Our main features include: Annotation ...
Aug 20th
July 2010
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Pixelvetica — The musings of a UI Designer:... →
As designers and developers, we have to give and get feedback on things we’ve made, perhaps even more often than we actually create things. There is one cardinal rule of giving feedback, no matter who you are; plain and simple: if you give good feedback, you will get good feedback. What is “good…
Jul 27th
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Hello World!
Draftboard is a collaboration tool made by designers for designers. Say goodbye to unnecessary Emails as Draftboard helps you streamline the process of approving mock ups between your clients and your team. We’re currently working hard to launch the app. You can follow us on twitter @draftboardapp to get some of our latest updates, otherwise we’ll keep you posted here.
Jul 21st